Luisa Mè is an artist duo based in London.

We are interested in humankind, interpersonal relationships, and how man's actions modify the context in which he lives, creating an alienating environment. Through a visual language, we investigate beauty and its dangerousness as well as a close look at our generation's subcultures. We create images as we react and counter man's weaknesses, fears and the struggles to remain human in a society based on unlimited competition and disposable culture.

Our name Luisa Mè, as well as the energy we associate to our figures, is feminine. An attempt to break out of masculine privileged phallogocentrism and a gender-fluid view towards humankind. We see our collaboration as the first step towards an ideal world where partnerships between individuals are of primary importance along with greater awareness and control of one's ego in a context of solidarity and dialogue with nature.

The figures for our paintings and sculptures evidence of our subjective experiences. Through distortion, shapes and colours expressiveness, we create tense compositions using symbolic images, which speak of our obsessions. Such as bird beaks growing from faces, like illnesses, symbolise the lost bond with nature. While knights’ helmets protect and isolate but also represent strength to fight and react. Whereas, studs and fetish outfits signify fright and shock, which conceals our search for comfort in underground contexts far from alienating reality. Yet, cages, as well as domestic environments, make us feel safe but can also represent the cell confining us within the society in which we live. If we manage to see this box, we may also open and shape the restraints this exemplifies.

Solo shows

2020 (upcoming) ‘Tides in the body’, curated by Marcelle Joseph, Lychee One, London

2019 ‘Fainting in Freedom’, National Gallery of Marche, Urbino, Italy

2019 ‘You are the others’, Union Gallery, London

2018 ‘He took me to a bar full of Sirens’, curated by Natalie Dray, Her Gallery, London,

2017 ‘Look at me’, T293, Rome 

Group shows

2019 ‘Cherry pickers’, Podium, Luxembourg 


2018 Bocs, Cosenza, Italy



MAPPE °13 - ‘Ciò che rimane’, testo di Andrea Bruciati 2019

TZVETNIK - ‘He took me to a bar full of Sirens’, Her Gallery, London 2018

ART VERGE - Interview, ‘Chaotic Compositions Disclose Pleasure and Perversion in Luisa Mè’s Artistry’ 2018

ART VIEWER - ‘Look at me!’, T293, Rome 2017

FLASH ART - ‘Look at me!’, T293, Rome 2017

ATP DIARY - Interview, ‘Intervista con i Luisa Mè | Look at me!, T293, Roma ’ 2017

Exibart - ‘Look at me!’, T293, Rome 2017

Luisa Mè  

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