Luisa Me is an artist duo based in London.

Selected exhibitions

2024 ‘ATELIER.IT un viatico nelle pratiche pittoriche’ curated by Andrea Bruciati, Museum Santuario di Ercole Vincitore, Tivoli
2024  ‘My Soul Hurts And I Think I've Got Tinnitus ’, Calcio, London
2023  ‘Mythos Speculum’, Secci Gallery, Milan
2022 ‘The crane at the bottom of the sea’, Roman Road Gallery, London (Solo)
2021 ‘The crab chair’, 9 French Place, curated by Cambell Hector, presented by BeAdvisors Art Department, London (Solo)
2021 ‘All That And A Bag Of Chips’, Des Bains, London
2021 ‘Pittura Pittura Pittura ’, curated by Serena Fineschi, Marignana Arte Gallery, Venice, Italy
2021 ‘Per una Danae contemporanea’, Fondazione Francesco Fabbri, Pieve di Soligo, Italy
2021 ‘Rassegna Internazionale D’Arte G.B. Salvi’ Sassoferrato, Italy
2020 ‘Tides in the body’, duo show with Giovanni Vetere curated by Marcelle Joseph, Lychee One, London (Two person solo show)
2020 ‘A Land of Incomparable Beauty’ Collective Ending, London
2020 ‘No time like the present’, PUBLIC Gallery, London
2019 ‘Fainting in Freedom’, National Gallery of Marche, Urbino, Italy (Solo)
2019 ‘You are the others’, Union Gallery, London (Solo)
2019 ‘Cherry Pickers’, Podium, Luxembourg 
2018 ‘He took me to a bar full of Sirens’, curated by Natalie Dray, Her Gallery, London (Solo)
2017 ‘Look at me’, T293, Rome (Solo)

Panels and lectures

2019 ‘Incontro con Luisa Me’, Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino, Italy

Public collections

National Gallery of Marche, Urbino, Italy


2018 Bocs, Cosenza, Italy



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